Wubble Duck

Question: I was wondering if you could tell me anything about my wubble duck? He is a Wubble and was created by Lovik World. I can not find any information about him and I thought you might know or know where I could look. Thanks in advance for any info you might have on him! Rebekah
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From Mr. D: I love the 'Lil Wubble Duck - it was, in my opinion, one of the better characters from the "Wubble" family. The Wubbles were created and built by Craig Lovik. (Late '80's-early '90s, as I recall). Sold by Maher Studios. Craig called them "Wubbles" because their flexible latex heads reminded him of a "bubble". Wubbles were unique because the heads were mounted to a headpost with the mouth controlled from a lever (not a hand within the head). After Craig left the figure making business, his son, Keith, continued production of the Wubbles for just a short time. The entire line was retired over a decade ago.

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  1. Anonymous7/17/2010

    Crazy Bird or Wubble Duck, both loveable. I bet Kevin can make a a good one, and does so with his version, the Stretch Duck, and I think Bob Abdou uses one. LD