In the nick of time!

From Bill Bingham

"I just finished my duck last week, just in time to go to my first ConVention. I sculpted the head out of modeling clay and made molds from that. I cast the head in Magic Sculpt. (Be careful with Magic Sculpt. I found out I'm very allergic to it and broke out in painful hives -- even when I wore rubber gloves.) I wanted to install moving eyes but ran out of time. The body is fabric, reinforced with polyester batting with feathers attached. Head and body are permanently joined. I'm thinking about repainting the head. He looks a little maniacal."


  1. bob steininger7/15/2010

    bill nice job on the duck when i look at him he quakes me up

  2. Winkle and Wags7/16/2010

    After taking a gander at the above, I wondered if I'd be sent a bill for a fowl joke!