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Question: Hi, Clinton. I am currently trying to build a "flat" vent puppet - using a photo of a face. I want to give it sliding moving eyes and a sliding moving mouth. I noticed on your blog you built a talking skull with a "sliding mouth" See Skull here. Are you able to send photos of how you did this or draw some diagrams of how you did it? I know it's a big request; I know you're busy, but....? Any help would be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Geoffrey
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From Clinton: The skull to which you refer, has a jaw built on the slide principle, with a jaw of significant thickness moving downward over the FRONT of the face.

On a photo or picture, however, the mouth will be quite thin, and is best when it slides down BEHIND the picture. I don't think I have anything at hand that was made in this manner. 30 years or so ago I printed up a series of plans for "poster puppets". They did have plans for such puppets with moving mouth and eyes. I don't know if I can find any of them or not, but I will check around.


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