Comin' along with Fator "magic"

You may remember the three unfinished hard puppet heads I purchased on eBay a few weeks ago - the very same heads I started building over 25 years ago, but never completed and subsequently found their way to eBay auction... Long story short, I'm nearing completion of the work on one of them. Shortly after this photo was taken yesterday, I applied the first coat of paint to the head. I see from this image I was wearing my Terry Fator hat...maybe I was unknowingly hoping a bit of the Fator Magic* would be bestowed upon me as I worked to complete this figure! I can dream, can't I?
Note: *Fator Magic can be spelled with eight letters: KHODRRAW. Unscramble the letters to make two common four letter words and you'll discover Terry's secret of success.


  1. Anonymous7/28/2010

    That is a great description of you also. My mother said it never hurt anyone. As I see your retirement, I guess she was right. You are still going strong. Wes

  2. Philip Grecian7/28/2010


    He drew a crow? Is that it?
    I'll get right on that. :-)

  3. Anonymous7/28/2010


    You bought Terry's shirt and Terry's hat when you saw him in Las Vegas.
    You're just like the rest of us vents. A kid who won't grow up.
    May it always be so. Congrats on your upcoming birthday.

    Tom Farrell

  4. Anonymous7/28/2010

    ahhh!... HARD WORK... so true

  5. Mr. D. I have been enjoying seeing you take up and complete this project from yester year, It shows that no task left behind in unworthy of re-discovery, The work is coming together and I am sure it all will be worth it, I wish you well with the heads, I am sure you will get them eVENTually done. Then you will have to make them bodies, then they will be some body. Bill