"Living Mouth" (From Kevin Detweiler)

A beautiful 33" girl figure with a hollow body and headstick, turn head full circle, tilt, nod etc. Notice her "mouth" there are "no slots" in the sides of her mouth, but a true "living mouth with chin action!" (See more pictures, including closeups, on the eBay listing - link below.)
Most living mouths were designed with the lower lip moving down and the chin would stay in place (other words..the chin was stationary). It worked but not true life like. On this cute little girl both her mouth and chin moves! Very COOL!
Also, she has BIG wonderful "open and close eyes", extremely quiet and her eyes close with just the slightest movement of the lever. Blink her eyes fast or slow, you are in full control. So easy and smooth! Another one from Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated Puppets. A true work of art! Great for all ages! BID NOW!
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  1. Anonymous7/03/2010

    This vent doll is excellent. LD