Hwy 160

Yesterday I heard a radio report that it is anticipated there will be an increase of American's on the road this holiday weekend. I won't be one of them. Colorado is my favorite place to be during Summer months! However, I find myself sitting in the shade of our backyard deck thinking travel. ...

When I was in the 8th grade my parents purchased a farm located along US Hwy 160, one mile east of Harper, Kansas. I was always fascinated by the vehicles that traveled both east and west as they passed our home. Many were easily recognized as the cars and trucks of neighbors. But there was the occasional out of state license that made me speculate as to who the occupants were, where they came from and where were they going. In my youthful mind, that familiar highway we traveled short distances almost daily to school church, relatives, friends, neighbors, and nearby towns, was also a road that must certainly lead to endless unknown and only imagined adventures!

One of my goals for retired years was to drive US Hwy 160 from end to end. Some 2,000 plus miles. The highway is superbly maintained to this day, and the miles are numbered, beginning just outside of Tuba City, Arizona and traveling East through Colorado, Kansas, and ending at Poplar Bluff, Missouri. while driven in segments, I have now completed that goal. What an amazing variety of sights and delightful people! I was right - there are endless adventures awaiting the person who travels those miles. I suppose that is true of any and all roads and highways. But in the case of Us 160, I had to see for myself. Now the memories of my youth, forever connected by the miles of pavement, have been stretched from horizon to horizon. And while Adelia is less than thrilled at the thought, I'd love to do it again!


  1. Anonymous7/03/2010

    You are a really good writer. LD

  2. Anonymous7/03/2010

    Clinton, you have the soul of a poet. Life is a highway, enjoy the ride.

    Tom Farrell

  3. Anonymous7/03/2010


    You have the soul of a poet. Life is a highway, enjoy the ride.

    Tom Farrell

  4. When I was a youngster I too had to know what it felt like to travel the full lenght of Hwy 95 from the Northway to Miami, and now that I have I have finally filled that dream but there are still others yet unfullfilled, isn't it wonderful to dream and then to bring those dreams to reality...While a child I dreamed of becoming a ventriloquist but detours always seemed to get in the way, but now that I am reaching my senior years July 5th I will be turning another number in the 60s, that of 63 my dream of becoming a ventriloquist with the help of Maher Studios as well as others are making that dream come true as well. But one think I can never get over the fact that all these years have passed and yet I am still a kid, because I don't want to grow up I am a Toys R Us kid and there are still many dreams yet to be dreamed and make come to pass. Thanks Clinton for helping me try to achieve one of them.