I was never a big fan of mechanical animations built into the body of a vent figure. However, requests were strong, especially for a "handshaker". The body in the photo was built by Lovik. When the brass lever is pressed downward/forward, the rigid arm moves forward/raises.

Since the arm is rigid with hand solidly attached, the fingers are more at risk for damage and extra care must be used when using and packing the figure.


  1. bob steininger7/22/2010

    clintion sometimes you might not care for the way somethings are done but if the demand is there you need to do it sometimes we can learn something out of this demand same is true in preforming sometimes you need to go with what the people is lookig for and not what you want

  2. Anonymous7/23/2010

    Clinton, thank you very much for sharing these photos showing different styles of mechanisms, they certainly make us, "amateur figure makers", very happpy! It's great to take a close look at these photos to get ideas. Thanks! Marcelo Melison.

  3. Ahh, yes - been doing that for a lifetime.