Convention 2010 in Rhyme

By Joe Radle
© 2010 J.B. Radle
My wife and I, we took a ride to ole Kentuck
Were lots of folks with puppets, just ran amuck
I think it’s only right I mention
We were headed to a ventriloquist convention

We got some rain and then it got sunny
Me and my lady, I call her, Honey Bunny
We made the trek in just one day
Thanks to the maps from the folks at the triple A

I had packed my puppets and you might ask-it
What the heck I’ve got in the casket
Count Vladimir Dracula is his name
In Transylvania he’s got some fame

My Good Friend, Jet, from down Alabama ways
Made him for me, in what seemed like, only days
He’s really not one of those horror type blokes
But made for fun and telling jokes

Little kids he will not frighten
I hope his skits will only brighten
And, while he is a somewhat scary guy
He won’t say things to make them cry

I brought some money, some call it “Geld”
Because Dracula needed a side kick named, Renfeld
You won’t believe the luck I had
I found the perfect guy for, Vlad

Once again, my friend, Jet came through
I saw him, liked him, and bought him, too
The Count and Renfeld hit it off
Just like fire, draws a moth

I’ve got a team to now delight
And, I’ll tell everyone, he doesn’t bite
I’ll write some bits to work these two
To make folks laugh, I hope, don’t you


  1. I saw your new puppet at ConVENTion several times; he always caught my eye! I just love his look. Lucky you! :)

  2. Anonymous7/26/2010

    Dear Gwyn, Thanks for the kind words! I feel lucky to have found him. I put him right to work for the Friday night open mike. He had a ball!