Fake Arm Illusion

Question: I read in some old literature about your, “Complete Lucky Ducky plans and Novel Fake Arm Illusion for the Operator, see Plans # 449 from the Maher catalogue". Are these still available for the novel fake arm. This is the thing I need to make - a fake arm. Doug
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From Mr. D: The fake arm as I built it for my Lucky Duck was the one weak area of its design. I do not recommend it. My fake arm was attached permanently to the puppet. Which meant my suit jacket was attached permanently to the puppet. Not a good setup. The arm was nothing more than a tube stuffed with batting with a stuffed glove on the end. The hand and lower portion of the arm was wired to the Duck's body; upper end of the arm sewn to the inside of the suit coat at the shoulder. As I recall, I used a short strip of plywood to support the arm (bridge) from the shoulder to the duck's body. (My wife always had to adjust it back stage for most natural appearance).

I cut a slit in the side of the jacket just below the arm pit where my arm reached through into the puppet.

It was an awkward arrangement. If I built another, I'd for certain make the arm and jacket removable in some manner. I had a friend who built one, and he used velcro to detach the jacket sleeve at the shoulder. I don't know the details.

I knew another who made a casting of his right hand and attached it permanently to the duck's side, but somehow he had the arm itself detachable. Velcro???

Hopefully, you can overcome all the obstacles this setup presents. You might try an Internet search for "Third Arm" costumes. Clowns use many variations - there may be some plans available.


  1. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Steve Axtell sells a "Bird Arm Illusion" and has a video on his site on how
    to create a modification to permanently attach the bird puppet for
    speedy access.

    Tom Farrell

  2. Anonymous7/07/2010

    I've used the Axtell arm illusion many times. And we sold hundreds through Maher Studios. A great product. (But the Axtell design would need serious modification if attempted to be used with the above puppet.)