An experiment

The mouth string, when fastened to the lower portion of the jaw piece, needs to pull in a backward (and even upward) direction, before redirecting downward through the neck to the control lever.

Thus, there needs to be a pivot point for the string somewhere behind the mouth, near the back inside of the neck. I've used more than one method. This was an experiment, using a rigid plastic tube as a horizontal bar over which the string passed. I mounted the plastic tube in a small wooden bracket, then used super glue to secure the unit to the inside of the neck. All work was done through the mouth...


  1. Anonymous7/06/2010

    How do you get the mouth out?

  2. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Clever idea. Is the mouth easy to remove (& then replace)? Looks a bit scary to me........
    I have been working on converting my dummy (I'm working through the neck) but can't seem to find "non stretch" string/cord. Could you reveal the type & name of string you use?? Maybe I can find a similar type in Australia.
    All the best with the experiment.
    Regards Geoffrey

  3. I insert a screwdriver alongside the mouth and pry it out, heating the head first to soften it if necessary. (Hair dryer, etc.)

  4. Any BRAIDED nylon cord will work nicely. What I use is very heavy fish line, but mason's cord will work as well. But only braided will prove to be smooth running and non-stretch.

  5. Hi Clinton;

    I enjoy your instructional inside views of the figures heads. A picture is better than a thousand words.

  6. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Thankyou Clinton, now I understand why my cord stretches (NON braided). I'll start looking for braided cord, Terrific, thankyou, Geoffrey.