Workshops on Ventriloquism

From Jim Burke:

I will be doing some workshops on ventriloquism at the Performing Arts weekend sponsored by the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 2010. The basis of the workshops will be some topics covered in the Millennium Maher course. (I will promote that Course, by the way). I am toying with the idea of having available for sale a number of the books, "Ventriloquism in a Nutshell". I learned ventriloquism from this book about 35 years ago, and still say it is the best regarding beginning ventriloquism. Are the books still available from you, what is the cost for small bulk quantities? On the same line, Where is the best place that individuals can purchase the Millennium Course now? I guess inquiring minds simply need to know :-).

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Note from Mr. D: You can purchase the Millennium edition of the Maher Course here: http://mahercourse.blogspot.com/ And, yes, I do discount the price of the Nutshell book when purchased in quantity.

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