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Question: As I looked through your photo galleries I noticed that your creations have gone out to a large number of people and so has your repair work. What is it like knowing that your work not only touched the lives of the ventriloquists themselves, but also that you helped give a countless number of people in audiences memories they will never forget? What's it feel like to in some form or fashion be a part of so many lives?
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Answer: Your questions are humbling as well as encouraging. To sum up my thoughts up in a single phrase: I feel extremely blessed! Mr. D


  1. You're a good man, like a kid in that photo where you bought back the three unfinished heads.

  2. You are an Extremely Talented man, and a heart as GOLD, Keep up the work, Good Luck Finishing your 3 old Projects and keep us informed. I am very Interested how they turns out.
    Thanks Bill Duff

  3. Iseen the 3 heads on e-bay, was wondering why you never finished them, It sounds Like a super Challenge, You are the man for the Job. I am glad that you decided to finish them, I can't wait for the results, Please keep us up to date. Your First Class. Bill