Winner comment...

"Mr. D. I will be attending the 2010 Vent Haven Convention in July and as a new ventriloquist (In training) I am so excited that I won this DVD (Special drawing) Isaacson DVD). I have started late in life on this wonderful adventure but have always played around with hand puppets. I remember that last year we were at a store called MARDEL's and I found a rack of animal hand puppets. There were two young children sitting at a small table watching me as I took the small dog puppet and started talking to it. I then started having the "Dog" talk to the children and they started talking back to the puppet. The parents were smiling and laughing at the little dog as it talked and joked with their children. My wife had to finally pull me away and put the little fellow back. Later, as I walked by the rack I heard the little boy telling another little boy that the little "Dog" was sleeping and that he had been talking to him earlier .... I WAS HOOKED!! The fun I had and the enjoyment on the children and parent's faces was quite a Rush .. I AM HOOKED. I am now taking the MAHER course. Again, Thank You very much." Bob La Belle

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