Talking Tie

I'm often asked if those unique neckties with moving mouths are still available. There's no question - this was the most popular novelty puppet created by Kevin Detweiler. The open and closing mouth was controlled by a string on back side of the tie.
Dozens of the original design were sold. Then a licensing agreement was made with Lovik World to handcraft a revised version of the ties (shown here) in quantity for distribution through dealers. Hundreds were sold. The comical "Talking Tie" was popular with both vents and non-vents. A booklet of dialogue and monologue material (Tie-Alogues) was produced as a result of this item.
The demise of the "Talking Tie" came when apparel manufacturers discontinued the clip on tie style made of a non-fraying material. And now, even neckties themselves are less popular than 20-25 years ago. Can "Tyler" ever make a comeback? I'd like to think so, but who knows...."knot I".


  1. I would LOVE to have one of these for my clown work at Children's Medical in Dallas.

  2. Anonymous6/06/2010

    Maybe if you are KNOT going to make anymore, you could sell plans for the inner workings to people who could make their own ties from non fraying fabric. Probably wouldn't be a BIG selling booklet, but I know I'D buy one. Just a thought.

  3. Anonymous6/06/2010

    any chance you could put the design on your website so that anyone could have a go at making their own??

  4. Anonymous6/07/2010

    PS I would buy the plans too.