Mark Wade Writes:

I am a person who tries to keep up with the latest things offered in the business world. Sometimes I am successful, often times it takes me a while to adopt something new. I eventually get things in place, but I am by no means what they call in business an "early adopter". This has helped me and at times put me at a disadvantage by having to catch up to new things, but I do get it done. I am working through Facebook, Twitter, etc., and am slowly adopting these things. But it will never replace the 'personal touch".

I was trained by my Dad. He was a master salesman who was trained in the old school of the "personal touch". He had sales training when he was a young man and the training stuck with him and he blossomed as a great salesman. I am very fortunate that he shared that knowledge with me and I will share a few gems with you.

The "personal touch" is absolutely the best way to go about selling yourself and your show. My Dad taught me that people buy often times because you take time for them, and because they like you. Likability is the key. It's much easier for someone to tell you "no" if they don't particularly care for you, so strive to be liked by your customer.. and LISTEN to them! If you try to monopolize the conversation all the time telling them how great your show is, they don't feel you had their needs in mind. The most important thing to your client is themselves! Listen, learn, and write down (not on spot when you are talking to them) info about them that can help you in later conversations. Learn about their likes, dislikes, favorite sports team, their family, and keep it on a Rolodex card or in your computer. Review the material before you make another contact with that person and you'll be surprised how they will respond to you.

Also, two of the biggest things is to be genuine and honest in your dealings. Do what you say you are going to do, and deliver more than they figured on getting. When you exceed their expectations you will keep them as a customer, and hopefully, a friend.

I'll continue to share some of my Dad's wisdom with you via this column. Keep at it and remember the "personal touch" is best in all dealings. Don't get totally sidetracked by social media. Use social media as a tool to help you with your own "personal touch".


  1. Anonymous6/16/2010

    Great advice that also works with relationships in general!! Everyone likes a good listener better than a good talker. Thanks Mark! :))

  2. Thsnks Mark, You are truly a Genious at Ventriloquist work, I bought a couple of your tapes, and have learnt so much already, I really like your wortk, and consider you one of my mentors, I have also learnt a lot out of the many books I bought threw Maher Studios, I highly recomend that everyone buy these and any other information on Venting, rather it be for your personal or profeshional use. You will look Pro, even if it is in your own back yard. Thakks everyone, and Good Luck.. Bill