Keeping the figure clean

Question: What's the best way to keep the figure clean and fresh? Should it be kept in some kind of bag? And is it okay to leave the head in place, or should it be removed when the figure is stored? Lastly, what about the wig? How do you keep it clean and nice? David

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The best way to keep a figure clean and safe is to keep it in a padded suitcase (with head in place) when not practicing or performing. Cover the face and head with a soft fabric material such as an old T-Shirt. (Many use towels, but terry cloth tends to muss the hair more than material with smoother nap.) Slip a pair of socks over the hands. It's probably obvious, but always wash your hands and dry thoroughly before handling the figure. Mr. D

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  1. I keep body in suit bag on clothes hanger, head in small case like that a big time lawyer uses. To me the head is the most important thing especially when weather alert gives out tornado warning and have to seek place of shelter immediately with my prized possessions, head in case and a few parapharnalia, some skits, extra wig and stuff like that. If a tornado does touch down I would hope I can find the body, hands and feet up a tree or close by floating in a pond, but if not I can make another. It is such a chore to have to see to protection of the body, a standing figure, unable to bend or fold into a suitcase so must use the body bag. In the head case I have a two inch cardboard slat with "U" cut that slides down onto head post below neck and positions left,right, up and down, to the case walls, holding the head which is the same length and width as the case firmly in place, face up, when case closed and no matter which way case turned, so no need for cloth.