Here's our Granddaughter, Faith, holding her Dad's (Kevin Detweiler) latest creation. This comical animal has the appearance of a soft puppet, but with the features of a hard puppet! A 30" donkey Kevin calls "Frito". A true Ventriloquist figure! He has a hollow body with a headstick, head turns full circle, tilts, nods, etc. A wonderful moving mouth controlled by a lever on the headstick from inside his body. He's ready to take some time and go fishing. He has a pole and a fish - he just needs a hand! Frito loves Taco Bell and Taco Johns, but would love to come to your home. See more photos on the eBay listing:
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  1. Wow, beautiful granddaughter. The fisher donkey with pole and fish is delightful and what the vent wanting to do the Bible stories really needs to tell about the few loaves and fishes used to feed a multitude. Frito would stubbornly insist that this was possible and done by Jesus.