Christian Ventriloquist Shows

Question: I am a Brazilian Student Ventriloquist, on lesson 14 of the Maher Course, Deluxe Edition. I want to provide Christian ventriloquists shows, but I have no reference since in my country it is a completely new kind of show. Can you help me to create this? I see that you have a lot of books about this theme. I think it's a good thing. How can I do this?

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Suggestions: I assume you are a believing Christian. That is the first requirement. Then look ahead to Lesson 30. You will find a number of tips there for "gospel" shows.

A ventriloquist show in church is little different than any other show, except that most shows in churches will carry some sort of Bible theme or Christian living message. Yes, there are many such dialogue books available. (See the listings under "Dialogues For Ministry" at the Maher Bookstore )

I advise that you start by offering your services to various groups and activities within your own church.

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