From Desmond Bradley

Hi Clinton, your books arrived OK with the $5 token. I do thank you for that gift as it is a good memorial to the Maher name which crops up every time I read about ventriloquist Courses, as being one of the best. And a reminder of your good work in carrying it along. Again, thanks, as I probably wouldn’t have sent* for it.

I’m retired and now go to an aged care home on Fridays to give a short vent act. It’s good practice, and errors I make are amazingly covered in the Maher Course and books you sell. It goes to show past ventriloquists discovered these tips to pass along. I’m concluding the Maher Course lessons quickly now as I don’t intend to be a pro or try and get paid jobs. It’s enough to bring some laughter into the old lonely folk.

Hey, Clinton, I bet your retirement keeps you busier than ever. My retirement keep me fully occupied with needing to write up an act every week, and playing the harmonica when I fall short. But my life is satisfying when I see the acceptance of the old folk towards my puppets. They don’t laugh loudly but they show love towards the puppets. And I never thought elderly people would co-operate and talk to puppets as though they were alive. Ventriloquism has a place with Senior Citizens probably more so than with kids.

Well must go and think out another act.
* * * * *
From Clinton: You guessed it - I'm as busy in retirement as when I was working. But without the pressure. That's huge! You have set a retirement challenge for yourself, too, writing a new dialogue each week! Your creative skills will increase rapidly.

Enjoy the "Dummy Dollar Coin" and put it in a safe place. I wanted to be certain it would quickly become a *guaranteed collectible, so I had fewer minted than there are readers of this blog. That's why they're being distributed "first come first serve while the supply lasts." Enjoy!

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  1. Here is idea to get elder persons in the act. Take figure's head off and announce: "Who wants to put your head on the puppet collar and tell a knock-knock joke?" A volunteer nurse starts it out to get elder audience participation, vent says: "Say knock-knock." The participant says "Knock-knock", Vent says "Who's there?" Etc. and so on to complete the knock-knock joke. This could be used as a filler at the end of a show, and with audience presentation of large head on small body should get some laughs, assuming participant knows some knock-knocks.