Boley CD's

We're awarding two Col. Bill Boley gifts today. A classic 8x10 photograph will go to Nick Schols.

And a new copy of Boley's "Here's Ventriloquism" instructional CD will be held for Daniel Slozat. Congratulations. Contact Mr. D to claim your prizes.

Note: I still have a supply of this 60 minute CD by the master, Col. Bill Boley. Not only is it a collectible, but it is also a very practical set of basic instructions for anyone wanting to learn ventriloquism. A variety of voice types are demonstrated and some live performance is included as well. If you would like to purchase on of these CDs, they are $7.95 each (free shipping). Email me to purchase a copy: mahertalk@aol.com

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  1. What a fine person, interested in the art in all aspects, coming to see me in Hopkinsville, many years later calling me in Harrodsburg to see if I had anything left for his collection. He could not spell very well in some letters early on but he fixed all of that as shown by his many books. He was an excellent KY vent with very natural at ease presentation.