Winners today: 3/3/10

Framed Al Getler Collector Card: Don Bice

Al Getler Postcard and DVD: David Turner

NAAV Necklace:
Donna DeCalise

Framed Detweiler shop photo, "The signing": Nina Cooper

8x10 Jay Johnson photo*:
Andy Mrkvicka
8 x10 Mike Shirley photo*:
Mike VanNatter
8x10 Liz VonSeggen photo*:
Misty Silva

Pocket Puppet:
Ken Howell, Matt Sponaugle, Nick Woosley

Winners: Contact Mr. D within 14 days to confirm your address and claim your prize.
*8x10 photos contributed by Dale Brown

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  1. Anonymous3/03/2010


    Thanks for keeping your blog current and relevant. Your continued involvement speaks highly of your commitment to this art. You are commendable in all regards. Even the give-aways reflect integrity and humility in your distribution process. I am embarassed to admit that I have found envy show it's ugly face over several items that have been passed on to others. I now know I have to go and do likewise and find a distribution means myself. I want to get on the true blessing which you receive by giving also.