Sunny Puppet

Just a note of thanks to you who sent notes and letters as to how you use the Pocket Puppet in your daily activities. The company who had made these in past years had declined to produce more siting "production difficulties", but after reading your comments and seeing that this item was being used for much more than an advertising gimmick, they have relented and now are in production of another 1,000! See The Amazing Pocket Puppets.

So now I need help in another manner - what will I do with so many! :-) I will continue to pack one with each Maher Course, and we'll award several here on this blog from time to time. But that will only make a small dent in the supply. So... do you need some clever and unique "give-aways"? Low cost item for Resale? Classroom hand puppets? Party Favors? Great!! - Have I got a deal for you!

Ron Moor writes: "Loved the hand Pocket Puppet. I will call him 'Sunny" due, of course, to his bright and sunny disposition and the color yellow ."


  1. When someone sends you something along with an educational package and you take that something and make others happy with it then the thanks sould go to you and not you to us...So I send my Happy days greetings to you with a warm thanx for giving me the tool to help m,ake someone happy. Jungle Jay

  2. Anonymous3/08/2010

    I am excited about you ordering the pocket puppets! Only in the past few weeks have I began carrying mine with me. It has so many possibilities, so I'm e-mailing you an order for some. Thanks again and God Bless!
    Rev. John Lutton
    (Rev. Dude and the Luttoon's)