Power of Pocket Puppet

From Philip Nichols:

Melissa and I had lunch with a friend and partner in our movie/video Production company today. We're beginning to develop some DVD B westerns and family adventure type pictures that will feature Ventriloquists and dummies as heroes and true characters like the Bergen and Terhune movies used to. Our friend will play a singing medicine show guy or cowboy or something like that in them.

To punctuate the power of it all, Melissa and I both used the pocket purse (included with the Maher Course), along with our respective Charlie and Charlene voices to sell some of the movie dialogues. I have never seen our friend laugh so hard. And as we watched him he never took his eyes off the purse pocket puppet.

How wonderful and fun! Not only did we successfully demonstrate the illusion of life in the coin purse, but we also got the company really excited about producing these projects!

I will carry the purse with me everywhere I go for impromptu venting.



  1. I have gotten my pocket puppet with my maher course and find it useful often...you will find this item very trustworthy as a practicing vent, as well as a lot of fun.

  2. Anonymous2/09/2010

    I had also received mine from my Maher course and have lots of fun with him. I have bought a few of the coin purses and made my own as well to give away!
    John Lutton