Free Pocket Puppets!

You've read in the post above how two ventriloquists used the simple Pocket Puppets to great advantage. Now I'd like to hear from other blog visitors who have used the Pocket Puppet in creative, fun, surprising, inspiring, or whatever - manner. Thousands have been distributed over a period of 30+ years - there must be dozens of stories out there! If you have a unique experience to share, send me your account and if I share it here on my blog I'll send you another Pocket Puppet as my "thanks". mahertalk@aol.com

Give away: I've drawn the names of several persons who will receive, perhaps for the first time, a FREE Pocket Puppet! Winners are: Troy Anderson, Quinn Buffandeau, Kelly Hower, Neon Lim, M.M. Towne, Glen Goodrum, Mike VanNatter, and David Carr. (Contact me soon to claim your pocket puppet.)

Note to all readers: If you've already signed up for the drawings, there's nothing else you need to do except watch for your name to be announced. If you have not signed up for the gift/drawings that take place on this blog, you can do so now by simply emailing me your name. No cost; no obligation.

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