A piece of plastic and the voice of an angel

From Major Wes Green

While my wife and I were in seminary, we were assigned to a street ministry group. It was early in the first year so we were all getting acquainted with the skills and talents of one another. I was an instrumentalist, so I played in the street corner band. (Does that give you a hint which church?) Something never shown in the movies is that while the band is playing their horns, there are others passing out Bibles and witnessing to those gathered in the area. Sharon, (later to become my bride) had made her way down the street a short distance. When we concluded our meeting, we were walking home and found that Sharon had a group nearly twice the size of our group hanging on to her every word. Children and adults alike gazing intently into her hand. She was chatting with a simple little pocket puppet similar to your model only it was Green, ( which later became her last name) and was brought to life with a message of hope. The people in that little street meeting were treated to a life changing invitation, to which some responded. I smile in my mind as I recall those early memories of God using a piece of plastic and the voice of an angel to proclaim the good news.
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