Maher Ventril-o-Buck (signed)

In 1995 we produced from "The United Studios of Maher" some advertising "Funny Money" and called them Ventril-o-Bucks. They were actually accepted as cash on orders placed with Maher Studios, but only a few came back in that manner - most were saved by the holder as a collector's item.

Bob Abdou surprised me last week by sending me a packet of Ventril-0-bucks from his own collection! Since I had no more myself, these, from Mr. Puppet's own vault, were eagerly welcomed. Adelia and I signed the back of one for this mounted display of two which will make yet another trip to a new owner soon. Winner to be announced.

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  1. Hey when it comes to money and its being given away you can bet you'll find me on that line with both hands out palm up fingers out stretched..never to refuse a dollar...Now that i got your attention good luck to the winner....hope its me...hahahaha!!!!