Who's Influence?

"Who influenced you most with your Ventriloquism?" Dave Miller asked this question in a post earlier this week and then told his story. Several readers were then inspired to comment with their own story.

I found each individual's story uniquely fascinating. And inspiring. And encouraging. So much so that I have set up a permanent page for their stories and an ongoing place where YOUR STORY is welcome as well:
"Who's Influence?"

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  1. In the piece by me, LeeDean, George W. Callahan was said to be from Australia. I thought that he was because that is where his Ventriloquism and How to Acquire This Amusing Art" was first published. Ryan Howard, has corrected this in his most recent revisions of 19th Century Ventriloquists that Callahan was born and died in New York City, a short life of only about 32 years, born 1862 and died 1894. I appreciate this and his work which can be downloaded for all interested in the art at http://www.ryanhoward.biz/vent/