Reader Writes:

From Jim Burke: When we were missionaries in Colombia, South America, I had order a 'wig' from you for a figure and you were gracious in sending it. My introduction to ventriloquism was with the book, "Ventriloquism in a Nutshell" which I purchased in 1975. I actually learned the art of ventriloquism from that booklet. Your supplies have been used throughout the years, and I was saddened when Maher Studios was closed. You even sent the Millennium Course to me because you included something I had sent to you in one of the lessons. All this is to say, "Thank You" for your graciousness throughout the years in helping me and countless thousands others in the ministry through your assistance in so many ways. You have and continue to be an inspiration. Jim Burke, Associational Missions Director.
* * * * *
From Clinton: "Give and it will be given unto you", and this is truly what I have experienced throughout my entire ventriloquist career. So while I humbly accept your comments with sincere gratitude, I do owe you, along with those "countless thousands" of others you mention, a huge "Thank you", as well!

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