Reserve your set of Ventrilopedia now

From Bill Smith: Dear Clinton, I am the one who inquired as to you possibly reprinting this great set. I never DREAMED I would see that you would! I don't know if I'm STILL #1 or if someone has written to reserve a set before me, but I would VERY much like to reserve a set. As you can see by my email address and this picture, I am VERY big on Senor Wences.

* * * * * *
From Clinton: "Saw-right!" I'm glad you suggested a Ventrilopedia reprint. I never dreamed I'd actually do it either, but enough readers have asked for a set, I do now plan to do a short reprint. It will take a bit of doing on my part to get the master copies together - I need to do some search and rescue (from my files and library) in order to make it happen.
* * * * *
To all blog visitors: All sets of Ventrilopedia reprints have now been reserved. Advance order taking has ended.


  1. The way you are doing it is probably the best way to celebrate Maher and NAAV.

  2. Just checked my book shelf, and I have the complete set, all seven of them with a 1977 copyright.

  3. Anonymous1/18/2010


    I am truly HONORED that you put the photo of myself & "Wally" on here!!! Hope it doesn't drop your sales!! HA!! Best, Bill Smith

  4. If it is still possible I would like to have a copy as long as all the others books I bought from you don't duplicate...if necessary I can send a list of the books I won in your auctions.
    Jungle Jay

  5. All the reprints have been sold. Sorry.