Maher Workshop questions

I have 2 questions for you. 1. When you owned Maher studios during the period that Craig Lovik was making the figures, what Maher Workshop figure was the most popular from Lovik's line of figures?

2. Other then the Jingo in the Lovik catalog, Have you ever seen a Jingo that looked like the one in Lovik pictures? Mike Palma
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Answers and comments:
1. Randy was the most popular figure from the early Storyteller line of characters. The Archie was best seller from the first edition of Knee Pals. Then from the series of New Knee Pals that was introduced in the '80s it was Willie Winkle. Then came Comical Clyde in the '90s. All these were sold by Maher Studios.

2. Jingo was a carved basswood character, so while I can recognize the characters in all that were made (at least all that I have seen) , they do have variations. Craig built the first ones with the help of his brother, Brian. Then Chuck Jackson bought Craig's business and Brian teamed up with Chuck. Several different hands may account for some variations. All sold by Maher California Workshop. Here's a quote of Chuck's about the Jingo character: "If I start doing a Jingo I have lots of latitude with the catalogue sketch. I have to make sure every Jingo is a Jingo, but on the other hand I don't want every one to look alike. You'd know they were brothers." (The San Diego Union, April 1, 1989 "Cutting a Figure" feature article on Jackson, written by Joe Gandelman. I have 10 copies of this article reprinted in 8 pg booklet format. If you would like to have one no charge, Contact Me. )

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