We have a winner!

This is a double-collectible! A matted and framed Great Ventriloquist collector card of Fred Maher PLUS an actual 1999 Vent Haven Convention pin featuring a likeness of Mr. Maher's Skinny Dugan. Skinny was one of the famous McElroy Bros. figures. The likeness on the pin was drawn by Dave Miller. This very nice and definitely unique 5x7 piece, and was won by Jim Burke, the required 4th person to email me after reading this post.


  1. "But he already won an item, this is no fair! It should go to the fifth person" Says Joshua Minetree 3 time give-a-way winner and person who entered fifth in this ha ha I'm kidding of course! Enjoy it, it's a beautiful piece and went a good guy!

  2. One of the reasons I will be shuffling the posting times of give-aways in 2010 is so more people can get involved.

  3. Anonymous12/30/2009


    Perhaps Josh or Jim will have their own giveaways on their own blogs with their winnings and keep your generousity flowing throughout the new year. If not, may they have extra company so their winnings can be viewed by many. Happy for the excitement created by Ventriloquism and the celebration of the craft.