Poor little "Nick Nack" had his headpost broken from his head in an accident last Spring. He belongs to my cousin, Bonita Yoder, who brought him to me to see what I could do for him. It's always been my position that if the maker of any figure is still in the business it's better to have the figure returned to the original builder for needed repairs. It's easier for the one who designed and crafted the figure and mechanics to make any necessary repairs. And it should be faster.

My policy has always been to give priority to repairs necessary on any figure I made or sold, even if it meant working evenings and/or weekends. Unfortunately, Bonita has had difficulty making contact with his builder. Thus, poor Nick Nack has been out of commission for months. And then this past week when I learned from Bonita it was going to be sometime after March 1st before repairs would be made, I decided he had waited unattended long enough; further delay was unacceptable. So although a bit reluctantly, I did take him into my shop, disassembled his headpost and controls, studied the damaged linkage, successfully made necessary repairs, and now, finally, he's ready to return to action! (We're all breathing a sigh of relief!)


  1. With all the repair work you do, like on this figure, I guess you have seen about seen it all. I remember Frank Marshall's basement workshop, his tools and supplies, and I wondered what you consider your mainstays, the main things you need around for most of the hard work. I made only one figure, using power drill with course sanding disks, a hacksaw, a large screwdriver bent to gouge out inside of head, and my hands. I'll never make another one because too hard on the wrists holding and turning the large block of wood. What are your main tools, Mr. D, to do your work and not hurt yourself doing it.

  2. Anonymous12/30/2009

    Excellent that it is fixed! Also now you can go around and say things like "Oh you fixed your own car? I reattached a head after it had been removed from the body entirely and the patient survived!" ha ha

  3. Bonita Yoder is very fortunate to have her own personal figure maker repairer.