We have our winners!

During the '80s I did all the printing for Maher Studios on our own in-house offset press. While I leaned the craft, the quality of the printing admittedly decreased some; however, the volume of printed materials increased tremendously due to the reduced costs for publication (I "volunteered" much of my time - wasn't planned that way - just the way it worked out!).
I used color much more frequently as well. This Nov/Dec 1988 Newsy Vents is one of those self-print items. Vent photos found on the 12 page issue: Liz VonSeggen, Clint Hammonds, Ronn Lucas, Mr. Hart, Al Getler, Timothy Arends, and Joyce Wilkes. Plus vent news and helpful articles.

A signed copy of this issue was offered free to the first six people who contacted me after reading this post. The winners are in and will be announced soon.

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