Book 16 ...

The prizes of the last give-way, and the stories that accompany them and their winners, seek to take on a life of there own. Here's what yet another winner wrote yesterday:

"It seems Book 16 may be magical because the people who won it seem to be better for it. One person receives it as they seem to begin their Journey into ventriloquism. One gives it to help some one entering this world of tight lipped talkers. Another person gives theirs on to another person who generously passes it on as a gift of gratitude! And I have received it with much joy because it was just the tool I needed.

"I have recently (as of September) become a co-youth leader at my church for my church's youth group and at the same time I have become the Assistant Teacher for the high school Sunday school class. Because I hold those two positions I have been trying to find ways to convey the message and I plan to use the book to not only inspire me in ways to teach my youth but to help my youth, as well as myself, tell others about the love of Christ without having to just stand around and quote the Bible. Best Wishes,
Josh Minetree"

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