Greetings From Blog Visitors:

From Joe Overfelt: "Clinton, I wanted to send these photos. 'Andy' is a special friend now because he travels to not only my children's events but to all of my concerts just in case I get to coughing during these cold months. I can pull him out and He can finish my program instead of me just talking. This picture is us outside my house in Roanoke, Virginia where we got our first snow of the year measuring 16 - 20 inches, depending where you measure. I also included a few snow pictures for your pleasure. And thanks for the stickers. They are on the outside of Andy's case. Also thanks for the great buys on ebay. I have gotten 6 books so far and I love them." Joe Overfelt Ministries


  1. Wow, what a snow scene. For Andy, which looks to be about a 24 inch figure, that 16-20 inches of snow is about up to his eyes so better keep him inside. LeeDean

  2. Andy is about 30 inches tall. I bought him off ebay and had some problems with his face so I sanded it down and refinished him. It was my first attempt at working on a doll like him and I have to say I am happy the way he turned out. Merry Christmas - Joe

    P.S. He didn't stay out long with snow balls flying he was quick to return to his case :)

  3. Joe, you did a good job sanding figure. My first guess was Andy as a 32" figure.