Christmas Stocking

From Jeff Scott: I used the talking Christmas Stocking at a nursing home earlier this month and they loved him. He speaks with a Spanish accent and is named Leotardo (Spanish for stocking). He tells the tragic tale of becoming a single in a dryer accident but that God worked it out so that he has the best job ever-- work for a month and have 11 months of vacation each year!
The sad thing about Leotardo is that he is seasonal. It got me to thinking about an idea for you or Kevin. What if you could build a basic face, either round or square, that has the moving mouth and maybe blinkers. That basic face would be the center that could be popped out of several seasonal novelty shells (heart, shamrock, kite, apple, pumpkin, etc. - whatever seasonal symbols that seem appropriate). The shells could even be made from thin plywood and painted. It would be inexpensive and give a variety of novelty bits through the year by just changing the shell that fits around the basic face. A second set of cut outs to go with the basic face might be animals (rabbit, turtle, etc). Just an idea...
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From Clinton: I can imagine what you suggest and it's a great idea. It would work. I'll pass your suggestion on to Kevin.

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