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Question: I was wondering if you have a puppet to donate? I know this seems to greedy to ask, but I have a son who's ill and I saw your puppet on the Internet and I liked them very much and gave me an idea to give this to my son for Christmas and not only that I know I can make him laugh a lot and happy. I'm not working because I too am ill and going through some hard times. I thought it won't hurt to ask.

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Answer: There's never a good time to be ill - certainly not this season of the year. I wish for both you and your son a complete recovery. While we do have charitable organizations and groups to which we contribute, we regret we are unable to accommodate all requests for donated puppets. However, there are a number of free resources available to those who can make their own puppets. Doing so can be both effective and rewarding. I would recommend starting with a sock puppet. Here's an excellent site where Evy Wright, puppet designer and puppeteer (right) for The Lady from Sockholm , and co-owner of Curious Moon Puppet Theatre, shares instructions on how you can make a sock puppet at home.: http://www.sockholm.com/games2.htm If you and/or your son are unable to make the puppet yourself, perhaps you have a friend or family member who would like to do it for you.

You'll find many more make-it-yourself puppet resources here:



  1. My first figure at age 10 and last at age 64 were homemade. My last one is a bit complicated but the first one very simple: child's life preserver for torso, shirt, pants and shoes held together by safety pins. The head was piece of folded cardboard, using crayons to draw features. I carried it around in my mother's old guitar case. If I still had would treasure it.

  2. Anonymous12/07/2009

    The Salvation Army helps families to celebrate the holidays. Perhaps she could ask them to help find someone who would assist her with making one for her son. They would all benefit. They are in 120 countries serving with Heart to God and Hand to man.