Question: Mr, D. I bought this figure from you in about '92 or '93 and have just enjoyed him as a truly great face and figure. I purchased him from your shop in Littleton and brought him home to South Dakota. One thing I never even thought of at the time was to ask you for a little bit of history on Clipper! Builder, etc.. He has been pretty much flawless. Thanks, Dave Ferdinand
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Answer: Your Clipper was designed and built by Craig Lovik (long since retired from figuremaking). Like you, I also prefer characters with slightly "cartoonish" appearance and Clipper does have one of the great faces of all time. In fact, of all the figures we sold over the years, he was my choice as well - my "R.C." came from the same mold! I'm glad we got them when we did as both the Clpper mold as well as the maker have been retired for more than a dozen years!


  1. Why did Craig Lovik quit making the fine figures?

  2. Beautiful figure, one I always admired, very distictive. Doesn't look like Jerry Mahoney, or Charlie McCarthy, he is an original.

  3. Craig found other work much more profitable than figuremaking. A person has to really love figuremaking to stay with it - it's not the $$$.

  4. Sometime in May 2009, i saw from the blog post (http://ventdj.blogspot.com/2009/05/clipper.html) about how Clinton giving a do-over for a Clipper. After i saw the do-over picture (the clipper's name Eddie), i fell in love with clipper. I've been searching for someone who wanted to sell their clipper since then.

    Finally few months ago, i managed to buy one! I am so happy that i finally owned one and it is not a replica! Although it is not as nice as the do-over by Clinton, its comical cute look melts my heart.

  5. Anonymous12/08/2009

    Yes, I really like this figure. I am happy to have him. I got lucky, he is loaded..

  6. Anonymous12/08/2009

    Clinton, thanks for posting my picture of Clipper and answering my questions, I really appreciate it. Dave