Headlock question

Hi Clinton! This is a dumb question, but one I haven't figured out for sure so I will go ahead and ask. Are you supposed to undo the safety rubber band at the end of the head post while using the figure or leave it fastened all the time?
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Answer: Not a dumb question at all. More people should ask it. Personally, I prefer to unhook the headstick during performance. I like the feel of totally free movement of the head. (I even unhook the headstick when I take photos of the figures and only hook the headstick when setting it to one side, or for storage.) However, many vents like the feeling of security the "headlock" provides and never unhook it at all - for performance or otherwise. The reason I use rubber bands rather than metal springs, is due to the more elastic tension a rubber band provides. Even when connected a rubber band allows a nice range of silent motion. My suggestion is that you try operating the figure both ways, and decide which you prefer. Clinton

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  1. For a standing or walking figure it is good to keep connected in order to transfer force from the head post to the body for movement of figure both the head and from the neck on down. LeeDean