20,000 Courses sold = 20,000 vents?

Question: You once estimated that as many as 20,000 people have taken the Maher Course over the 55+ years of its existence. Do you think there are 20,000 Vents out there now?
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Answer: No - there's nowhere near that number. Even if everyone who took the Course were still living today there would be nowhere near 20,000. The truth is, most people who take up ventriloquism only do so for a brief period of time (months or years). Those who continue on for a lifetime are but a small percentage of those who take the Maher Course. (Not unlike dieting . . . How many who start with great intentions follow through for a lifetime of healthy eating?) But for those who do follow through, the rewards and satisfaction are more than worth it! I'm happy you (and I) are among that number!

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