Side by Side

From Jim Hess

Clinton, I recently purchased Kevin's side by side stand. It is wonderful. The first day I had it I used it for some walk around. It was great to have one hand free, and was much less tiring compared to carrying the puppet. This morning I used it while performing for some Sunday School children. Again I loved using the side by side. It was no longer necessary to stand stationary in one place. Especially with children it is wonderful to be free to move about. It also packs nicely in one of the pockets of my case. No need to carry a bulky stand. Besides being functional, it is also very attractive.

In the picture you will also see "Larry", a Danny puppet that you upgraded about a year ago for me. I continue to marvel at the transformation you performed on him, and I love using him.
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  1. Hi Clinton!

    I also did a review of Kevin's Side by Side stand on my Ventriloquist Product blog - he did receive my highest rating for it! If you would like to check out my blog, and the review, here is the url: http://stevenj2.blogspot.com/ This is truly a wonderful product, and I highly recommend it!