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Hi Clinton,

I was particularly intrigued by the pics from the State Fair.

On the last day of the Colorado State Fair in 1965, I learned a lesson that has stayed with me all these years.

At the end of the show, a very kind older gentleman was good enough to let me "help" him load his horse on his trailer. I took the rope from him and backed up to the back door of the trailer. Then I stepped up backwards into the trailer, but try as I might, that horse would only pull away from me. He had no intention of getting in the trailer.

The old gentleman watched with some amusement for a while and then walked over and told me to turn around and walk forward. I did so, and to my surprise the horse stepped up and walked right in at which time I exited the trailer from the front door.

The owner explained to me that horses are just like some people. They will not follow someone who is too afraid to face the destination. They too feel that there must be something to be afraid of.

It is a lesson that I never forgot. It holds true in every area of leadership. Move forward and face the situation. . . Others will follow.

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