Puppet Exhibit

Bob Abdou provided this exhibit for the Puppetry Arts Institute Museum, Independence, Kansas. The collection was displayed for a year. Just recently Bob returned to the Museum to give 2 shows and 2 workshops, and take down the exhibit. Area ventriloquists, Ron Scherer and Bonita Yoder (left to right with Bob on the far right in the photo below) came to attend the final workshop and helped break down the exhibit. This exhibit was also a dedication to Bill Boley, after each show the museum passed out finger puppets that looked like vent dummies!
Most folks don't know about his museum but Bob says it is one of the best he has worked with and says the staff are tops. A MUST see for and puppet lover.
Here is where you will find more information: http://www.hazelle.org/

"You can always tell when entertainers are tired!"

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  1. Anonymous9/05/2009

    GREAT JOB, BOB!! This kind of thing will help boost vent in other places! I did a few library displays years ago & always had great comments,& inqueries as to how to learn, so I know first hand how this can help the art. Keep up the great work, & thanks for sharing. Enjoyed meeting you at last year's conVENTion. Bill Smith