Mr. D's Photo Albums

Please take a look at the following Photo Albums I've been working on the past weeks. I do believe you will find them interesting, informative, and enjoyable.
#6 #500 Series Pro Figures by Detweiler 1982-1983
#5 Pro Figures built 1969-1974 by Clinton Detweiler and family: http://www.maherphotos5.blogspot.com/
#4 Clinton's Novelty Creations 1990-present:
#2 Clinton's Novelty Creations 1969-1989:
#3 Super-Supreme Ventriloquist figures:
#1 Kevin's "Retired" Creations:
#8 Repair, Upgrade & Repainting Examples
More to come!


  1. Hi Clinton;

    These photo's bring back memories. I remember many of them from your catalogs over the years. It is a shame that none of them are still available. Great work.

  2. Anonymous9/05/2009


    I really enjoyed looking at the photos. I remember some of the products from the mid 80s when my parents bought my first Knee-Pal from Maher. I was a member of NAAV and received catalogs for several years.

    Thanks for posting the pictures and information on all of the puppets.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Charles2/04/2010

    I received my vent figure ordered from ebay today.
    It came earlier than I expected--outstanding!!
    The figure was well packaged and arrived in great condition. Everything was just as you described. I couldn't have been more pleased.
    "Arnold" seems to be happy in his new home.
    Many, Many Thanks. You are obviously a master artist.
    Enjoy your retirement!

    Figure ordered by linkaye-half.