(Andersen little fellow)

Question: I recently acquired what may be a Bill Andersen wooden figure from the 1970's, I believe. It's 18" tall, and it's constructed to fit on another dummy's lap. The mouth moves by a pull string through a hole in the side of the figure. It has a mohair wig. Perhaps it's by another maker? Thank you for your time. George Bosh
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Answer: This little fellow was definitely made by William (Bill) Andersen. You mention it is a "wooden" figure, but I would bet the head is wood composition (Plastic Wood). Mr. Andersen made a number of these "dummy's dummy" and sold them from his dealer table at the conventions, especially during the time period you suggest. His signature artistry and figure making style were quite distinctive.


  1. Anonymous9/25/2009

    Does anyone know what became of Bill Andersen?

  2. Bill and his wife, Vena, are retired, living in Racine, Wisconsin.