40 years and counting....

Some things continue unchanged. Today I was up early at my desk grading exams submitted by current students studying the Maher Home Study Course of Ventriloquism, New Millennium Edition. And I made out completion certificates for those who had met the Course requirements. I've been acting as Student Advisor for just over 40 continuous years now, and find it as enjoyable today as the day I began. Probably more so, since we're working with a much superior program now. And the students themselves are a continual encouragement to me personally with comments such as these I just received:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this Course, full of enlightenment, knowledge, and fun. Would highly recommend. Thank you for sharing this with me." Natalie Vickery

"Very in depth Course. I have enjoyed it very much." James Tucker

For 75 years the Maher Home Course has been a vital and effective contributor to the ventriloquist community around the world. I feel so privileged and blessed to be a part of the continuing experience. You will find information on how to purchase the Maher Course here: http://www.maherstudios.blogspot.com/

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