"Talking" Toilet?!

Here's one you won't find just anywhere! Odd, different, okay - a little crazy! Another one of a kind by Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated Puppets .

Raising eyes and moving mouth. You can operate him from within a box so controls are concealed or out of the box so controls are in plain view, doesn't matter - he's a toilet. Sometimes he feels a little "flushed". Things get "backed up" in his life. Do you get "clogged" down with problems? This guy knows what you mean. Easy one hand operation, two controls, one for his mouth (index finger) and one for his eyes (thumb). Who left the lid up!? Great for all ventriloquists, beginner or pro! You'll find it offered on eBay auction: HERE Toilet Puppet


  1. Anonymous8/26/2009

    Cute idea, but sorry, I'm not into "toilet talk" HA!

  2. Anonymous8/26/2009

    Hey, I KNOW! He could sing the old song by Leslie Gore called "It's my potty & I'll cry if I want to..." HA!