Case for two?

Question: I am wondering if there is a hard case available that will hold two hard figures? I had checked out the local stores as I was thinking of getting a regular suitcase on wheels, but I wasn't crazy about the idea of putting my investment into something that provided no protection! I know you currently carry 4 different sized cases, and I am curious if they will safely hold two figures?
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Answer: The cases I stock (See them here) are designed to hold one hard figure each. Now, if the figures were small, you might be able to pack two in the largest case. (I have not tried to do so.)I can provide you with a custom case of any size (you tell me the dimensions required), designed to hold two figures (with divider), but having done this in the past, I can tell you the cost will be about double that of a single stock size case. Since there is little or no cost savings, only you can decide if the benefits of a single larger custom case for two outweigh the benefits of two individual cases. (My vote has always been for the two separate cases - much easier to transport.)


  1. Anonymous8/25/2009

    & remember also, the case for 2 will DEFINITLY outweigh the case for one! {weight wise}. Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous8/25/2009

    Go with two separate cases, strapped together by a belt under the handles, and around the two cases. The belt can also serve as a carrying strap. Much more convenient, plus you have the advantage of both cases with a little extra space in each for added costumes or props. Go with it - it works well. That's from experience.