New "Do"

From Fred Anderson:

A few years ago the hair on my Lovik figure was becoming matted (too much hair spray over the years), so I decided to replace it. The original wig was stapled in place making removal quite easy.

A local department store was having a sale on ladies 'real hair' wigs so I purchased the 'small' size which fitted perfectly. A few carefully placed staples and a trip to the local hairdresser, and the job was done. And he sat patiently in the chair.

The cost of the haircut? Just a copy of the picture to hang in the store to prove, 'some of her customers are real dummies'.


  1. Anonymous8/20/2009

    Which model Lovik figure is this? That's a great face!

  2. Anonymous8/24/2009

    This figure was purchased from Maher Studios in March 1992. In the catalog he was called 'Brags-a-Lot' He was ordered with winkers, blinkers, eyebrows, wiggling ears, moving eyes, and the body has a handshaker. Great figure to work with.