Budget restraints

Question: After getting laid off a year ago I decided to venture into ventriloquism. Due to budget constraints, I don’t have the full $325.00, but I don’t need a full figure as I can do some of the work myself. I would like to know how much the painted head and hands would cost for the “Willie” figure. No wig, body, arms or legs.
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Answer: Yours is a common question with an answer that surprises most who ask it. $260.00 for the painted head and hands, with no wig, body, arms or legs. I know you may think this price is high, but the items you list to omit are the EASY and FAST parts of building a figure...leaving me with 80% of the work/materials. (Actually, I sell far more bodies only than heads only. An extra body for a figure allows for a quick change of wardrobe a feature that comes in very handy for a vent who performs frequently for a variety of occasions.)

Note: I do not have a "Willie" figure, so I'm not sure which character you are referring to. See my most popular characters here: http://www.maherstudios.blogspot.com

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